Network / BSS Support & Maintenance

Inspection of BTS equipment includes

Checking whether the main BTS/DBS equipment runs normally, whether the power supply to the equipment is normal, and whether any alarm is raised

Calling on hotline to report activities performed on site, including the PM/CM/Parts/Special Services, others.

Cleaning Equipment rack, fan, filter, cable etc.

Inspection of power equipment includes

Checking whether the transmission equipment runs normally and there is no active alarm on the system.

Checking link alignment, panning & dish bracing adjustment.

Cleaning transmission equipment, DDF, ODF, patch cords, equipment fan, equipmentfilter etc

Conducting preventive and corrective maintenance of long haul SDH/DWDM system on all long haul sites.

Ensuring link budget, compliance with design, critical configurations, upgrades etc. marking and evaluation of the same is governed through procedure described by Operator’s Transmission department.

Ensuring NMS visibility of all microwave links installed and coordination with operator’s TXN teams.

Checking the appearance, connection and temperature of the cable.

Checking the contact of the contactor and the switch.

Checking the signal indicator and alarms.

Cleaning the AC power distribution box.

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Line Conditioner

Checking the output is within range for all 3-Phases and LC is in proper operation.

Checking Neutral to Ground is within the limit.

Checking fans are working.

Checking equipment is clean.

Checking surge arrestors are operational.

Checking external alarms system.

Checking all external alarms are in operational state.

Checking NOC verification is done during preventive maintenance visit.

Intelligent Controller(IC)

Ensuring the IC is operational.

Checking if setting has been done as per standard issued by operator.

Checking and in case of non-operational, replacement to be done timely.

DC system

Checking the alarm indication and display functions.

Checking the grounding protection cable.

Checking the relay, circuit breaker and fan.

Checking the load equalisation.

Measuring the potential fall and temperature rise of the DC fuse.

Checking the DC output current-limiting protection.

Calibrating the set parameters.

Checking the lightning protection.

Checking the contacts of the switch and the contactor.

Checking the automation function and the remote functions.

Testing the neutral line current.

Cleaning the DC devices.

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Solar System

Checking solar panel cleaning is done properly such that no dust is accumulated on panels and sufficient energy is converted in day light.

Checking solar system controller testing and calibration.

Conducting health test of solar batteries system.

Checking solar system room cleaning.

Checking external alarm functionality is proper.

Checking Forced Ventilation System.

Checking filter cleaning of inlet and outlet is done properly, such that no dust is accumulated in filters and clean air passage is available.

FVS Control panel testing, parameter adjustment and calibration.

External alarm functionality is proper.


Checking whether the connectors are loose or corroded.

Checking whether the battery is leaking or deformed.

Checking whether any acid mist or liquid escapes.

Measuring the end voltage and ambient temperature of each battery.

Cleaning the battery surface.

Checking the ventilation fans of underground battery banks.

Checking the state of the UPS and the AC voltage stabilizer.

Performing equalized charging test for the battery which never discharge in the past quarter.

Inspection of the functions and performance indices of the monitoring system comprehensively.

Measuring the output current of the UPS system, and handle exceptions if any.

Measuring the pulse voltage of the DC power supply system.

Checking the lightening arrester.

Measuring the resistance of the base line (in dry seasons) to ensure a normal value.

Measuring the voltage potential of the feeder bus, cable and soft connector.

Replacement of faulty batteries with spare available in warehouse.

Checking working status of battery cabinet fans.

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