Managed Services of CMPak Network

Brief Description

Operation & Maintenance of ZONG 2G/3G/4G sites in North-1 region of Pakistan. Managing more than 300+ ZONG BTS/BSC sites. Managed Services of Telecom, Non-telecom, transmission and NOC Staff 24/7.

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Client Profile

China Mobile Communications Corporation is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company that provides mobile voice and multimedia services through its nationwide mobile telecommunications network.

The company is the largest mobile telecommunications company by market capitalization today, and it was named as such in March 2011. China Mobile Limited is listed on both the NYSE and the Hong Kong stock exchange.

As of December 2014, China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile phone operator by subscribers with about 806 million The ARPU(Average revenue per user) for the company stays at 14 USD since 2004.

China Mobile Pakistan or Zong is a pan Pakistani mobile network operator headquartered in Islamabad, which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services, mobile banking to fixed telephony. It is the first oversea setup of China Mobile through acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan in 2008.

Zong is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. In addition to providing internet access solutions to facilitate data intensive live streaming applications, the company has also paved the way to be amongst the first to offer 3G and 4G LTE services to customers.

It is Pakistan’s second largest GSM mobile service provider and third largest mobile service in terms of subscriber base of over 25.6 million. It has a market share of 19% among cellular operators in the country.

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Project Locations

Scope of Work

Operation and maintenance of all type of Telco & Non-Telco equipment. Besides this air-conditioning, civil work, and spare part management is also the part of services provided by Damcon Engineering Solutions Private Limited.

Power Equipment


Main Distribution Box

ATS Panel


Fuel Tank (including piping)

AC Distribution Box


Battery Bank


Fuse Panels

Line Conditioner

Intelligent Controller

External Alarms System


At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Air conditioning Equipment

Indoor sites

outdoor sites (if applicable)

Fire Fighting Equipment


Fire extinguishers

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Transmission Equipment



Cross Connect


MW NMS Visibility

GSM Equipment


Radio (TREs) Replacement, Expansion and down grading

Solar panels and accessories (complete system)

Forced ventilation system

PRIs & CSCs MW connectivity


RF Repeater

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Civil Work

Site Cleaning (indoor/outdoor, solar cells)

Tower Torque Adjustment

Room Paint/Maintenance

Water Leakage (Shelter/Room)

Lighting (room/site/tower)

Tower Cleaning (e-g nests)

Site security (locks etc)

Wave guide entry maintenance

Equipment Grounding

Cabling & Others

Power Cable

Data Cable (electrical/optical)

Surge Arrestor

Grounding Cable

Bus bar/grounding pits

External alarm system

Commercial Power Management

Bill collection

Analysis and claims

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Details of Services

Planned/Preventive maintenance (as desired by Client/Damcon using work orders)

Corrective maintenance (at the time of outage using trouble ticket)

Spare part management.

Transportation/Logistics (spares/consumables/faulty equipment etc) from client designated 

Electricity bill collection (by Damcon), processing (by Client) and payment (By 
Bank on behalf of Client where applicable) and stamping on paid bill from the relevant Bank (by Damcon), Damcon Managed Services staff will take picture of electricity meter reading every site every month and submit to Client based on template. Damcon ensures the compliance of Client High bill reconciliation policy.

PM of site is done on monthly basis, For Hub, Single City Site and any VIP site declared, the frequency may be increased to twice a month as required by Client FOPS team.

Rental cheques delivery to site owner’s etc.

Client ensures that site access procedure is followed for all 
sites including guarded and unguarded.

If the PM quality is not up to the standards the PM is repeated by Damcon team.

Part Replacement Procedure (PRT) is followed for replacement of any part 
locked in Unit Price List.

Damcon Managed Services teams perform periodical inspection, cleaning and maintenance of all items listed above, the generic scope of work is described as below.

Main BTS equipment

Checking whether the main BTS/DBS equipment runs normally, whether the power supply to the equipment is normal, and whether any alarm is raised

Cleaning Equipment rack, fan, filter, cable etc.

Transmission equipment

Checking whether the transmission equipment runs normally and there is no active alarm on the system.

Checking the Link alignment, panning & dish bracing adjustment.

Cleaning transmission equipment, DDF, ODF, patch cords, equipment fan, equipment 
filter etc.

Conducting preventive and corrective maintenance of long haul SDH/DWDM system on all long haul sites. This includes but not limited to monthly health check visit, on requirement board/part replacement, protection testing, ensuring link budget, compliance with design, critical configurations, upgrades etc. marking and evaluation of the same is governed through procedure described by Client Transmission department.

Ensuring NMS visibility of all microwave links installed and coordination with Client TXN teams.

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Power equipment

Checking the appearance, connection and temperature of the cable.

Checking the contact of the contactor and the switch.

Checking the signal indicator and alarms.

Cleaning the AC power distribution box.

DC system:

Checking the alarm indication and display functions.

Checking the grounding protection cable.

Checking the relay, circuit breaker and fan.

Checking the load equalization.

Measuring the potential fall and temperature rise of the DC fuse

Cleaning the DC device.


Checking whether the connectors are loose or corroded.

Checking whether the battery is leaking or deformed.

Checking whether any acid mist or liquid escapes from around the pole rod or the safety valve.

Measuring the end voltage and ambient temperature of each battery

Cleaning the battery surface.

Checking the ventilation fans of underground battery banks.

Checking the state of the UPS and the AC voltage stabilizer.

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Inspection of the following items quarterly:

DC system:

Checking the DC output current-limiting protection.

Calibration of the set parameters.

Checking the lightning protection.

Checking the contact of the switch and the contactor.

Checking the automation function and the remote functions.

Testing the neutral line current.

Performing the equalized charging for the battery sets which never discharge in the past quarter.

Inspection of the following items semi yearly:

Inspection of the functions and performance indices of the monitoring system comprehensively, and handling exceptions in time if any.

Measuring the output current of the UPS system, and handling exceptions if any.

Inspection the following items annually:

    Low-voltage power distribution system.

    Measuring the pulse voltage of the DC power supply system.

    Checking the lightening arrester.

    Measuring the resistance of the base line (in dry seasons) to ensure a normal value.

    Measuring the voltage potential of the feeder bus, cable and soft connector.

    Testing the battery capacity and health with battery testers and handling problems in time if any.

    Replacement of faulty batteries with spare available in warehouse.

    Checking the working status of battery cabinet fans.

    Checking the output of Line Conditioner is within range for all 3-Phases and LC is in proper operation.

    Neutral to Ground is within the limit.

    Fans are working.

    Equipment is clean.

    Surge Arrestors are operational.

    External Alarms System

    Checking all external alarms are in operational state.

    NOC verification is done during preventive maintenance visit.

    Ensuring the Intelligent Controller (IC) is operational.

    Checking the setting has been done as per standard issued by Client.

    In case of non-operational, replacement is done timely.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

    Solar System Maintenance

    Solar panel cleaning is done properly such that no dust is accumulated on panels and sufficient energy is converted in day light.

    Client recommends cleaning the panel 2 times a month. Damcon ensures the all time clean panels.

    Solar system controller testing and calibration.

    Conducting health test of solar batteries including quarterly full system health check.

    Solar system room cleaning.

    Checking external alarm functionality is proper

    Filter cleaning of inlet and outlet of force ventilation system is done properly, such that no dust is accumulated in filters and clean air passage is available.

    Force ventilation system control panel testing, parameter adjustment and calibration o External alarm functionality is proper

    Air conditioning system

    Checking the refrigeration effect of the air conditioner, voltage, current load, water drain, fan running and grounding, and handle problems in time if any.

    Checking whether the temperature setting of the equipment room meets the procedure requirements.

    Checking the function of startup performed automatically after the power supply recovers.

    Checking that all outdoor units must be grounded.

    Checking the sturdiness of installation of the indoor unit and outdoor unit.

    Removing the rust of the fastening unit.

    Rinsing the indoor unit (including filter) and outdoor unit during service of the air conditioner.

    Checking if there is direct connection of AC from ACDB.

    Power Cabling is as per standard and no unnecessary joint is present. Sockets to be removed with direct connections.

    Checking Fire Resistant Cable is used.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

    Civil Work/Environment

    Cleaning the equipment and the equipment room. Using wax polish to scrub the floor and sills. Wearing antistatic wrist strap when cleaning the equipment. Taking care not to omit the cleaning of the feeder cable, sealing, cabling rack and jumper.

    Paying attention to equipment safety, and preventing equipment getting faulty by cleaning.

    Removing weed around the equipment room and the iron tower, and checking the iron tower warning board.

    Checking water leakage or penetration on the wall of the equipment room, feeder hole, air conditioner hole, doors and windows.

    Handling problems in time if any, and notifying Client.

    Checking the indoor lighting and power supply socket, and ensure that the lighting and the socket are not damaged.

    Checking the equipment room, doors and windows and door locks. Remove damage in time if any. Prevent fire, theft and water, and ensure the safety of the equipment room.

    Checking temperature and humidity of the equipment room. Notifying Client if any exception is detected.

    Inspecting the alarm sensors for temperature, humidity, smoke, flood and access control alarms. Serving a notice to the equipment room before and after the inspection.

    Detecting safety pitfalls and making correction.

    Checking the effectiveness of the fire extinguisher at the BTS monthly, and updating the check records.

    In case of special weather such as typhoon and storm, performing the foregoing inspections for the equipment room environment in time after elapse of such weather conditions.


    Checking & fixing whether the antenna & feeder cable is damaged or broken (blown down by wind).

    Checking whether the iron tower involves pitfalls, e.g., whether the supportive rod or horizontal bar is sturdy, whether it is broken or bent, whether the anchor nut is lost. Making correction in time if any problem is detected.

    Checking & Fixing whether the labels are affixed sturdily and printed correctly. Making correction in time if any problem is detected.

    Orientation of cables (data, power, grounding, feeder, IF etc) is be done in such a manner that overall quality of workmanship is visible; EIA/TIA standard for cable lying is followed.

    Checking & fixing whether the surroundings have been changed, whether any large obstacles is existing. Keeping records and report the information.

    Inspection the following items semiyearly:

    Checking the iron tower, antenna & feeder cables, water prevention, lightning protection and grounding of the BTS antenna & feeder system. Making correction if any problem is detected.

    Testing the antenna & feeder cables. Measuring the VSWR and isolation of the cable through an instrument (not required for the bipolarized antenna). Saving the original data in the computer.

    In case of special weather such as typhoon and storm, perform the safety inspections for the tower, antenna & feeder cables and lightning ground in time after elapse of such weather conditions.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

    Corrective Maintenance Goals

    The goal of the corrective Maintenance is to identify, evaluate, fix and report any fault(s) that may appear on Client sites as per industry standards in minimum time. Client evaluates the performance of the Damcon based on mean time to restore (MTTR) calculated for that site on per event basis and averaged on monthly. Damcon tries to restore any fault before the targeted value of restoration time assigned as per the priority of that site.

    Project KPI system

    The Damcon keeps on duty throughout 24 hours, 7 days a week, and arrives at the fault site to support the fault handling immediately after receiving a trouble ticket.

    The Damcon identifies and resolves fault under his assigned scope (FLM/SLM), during such work keeps Client field operations/NOC staff updated, at completion the Damcon presents a comprehensive root cause analysis along with steps taken to solve the fault (for future references).

    Since spare management is in scope of the Damcon therefore collection from Client warehouse, transportation to fault location, use and return (if not used/faulty part) to Client designated warehouse shall be under responsibility of the Damcon. All related costs is borne by the Damcon. Spare parts for BTS, Transmission & Rectifier are identified by the Damcon before start of each quarter.

    Damcon keeps a record of used spares, this information is sufficient to calculate mean time before failure (MTBF) for any part.

    Spares are provided by Client, housed by the Damcon for Telco and non-Telco equipment.

    All tools are purchased by the Damcon at its own expense. Consumables are provided by the Client to Damcon. Damcon is responsible to collect consumables from Client warehouse. Transportation of the consumable is prime responsibility of Damcon. All the consumed consumables and faulty/non repairable parts are returned to Client warehouse. Such transportation is without any additional cost to Client. Faulty parts that will go for R&R shall be returned back to Client on weekly basis whereas consumables and non-repairable parts of Non Telco can be returned monthly. Damcon keeps the consumption report record with itself and shares with Client on monthly basis. Faulty replaced batteries are returned to warehouse within seven calendar days.

    Monthly stock reconciliation document is signed by Client and Damcon at the time of handover/takeover of material. Fault report for faulty parts is provided to warehouse against each serial no. For any damage while transportation of consumables/parts, Damcon is responsible for any loss, moreover Damcon is not allowed to do any amendment while replacing the consumables.

    Once consumable changed on site must be labeled with site ID and date of changing clearly mention on consumable (oil filter, fuel filter and air filter).

    Client reserves the right to inspect/audit the sites where consumables/parts are changed, Consumables/parts are properly labeled with bar code and Damcon is not allowed to scratch or damage the bar code, Client has all right to audit the site for verification of proper consumable/part changed or not.

    Trouble ticket are issued by Client OMC for any fault on site, upon receiving, Damcon uses its resources to resolve the trouble and close trouble ticket. Time in both cases is noted by Client and this time will be considered final for calculation of MTTR or any other KPI as desired by Client. During the course of failure the Damcon keeps client updated on steps taken to resolve the failure condition.

    Reverse Transportation of spares is done to only Client designated warehouse. Any other facility cannot be used to store Client spares. Any Telco or Non Telco asset cannot be moved for a BTS site until Client’s management approval.

    For Fiber Optic Cables repair, Damcon ensures that repair service is available in all regions and MTTR is as per SLA.

    Activities that shall be carried out upon the occurrence of an event implying a set of interventions which have to be planned out of a recovery process with SLA assessment:

    Replacement of BTS Cabinet different cards.

    Transportation of Batteries/Power cables and RF antennas from warehouse to site or site to site.

    New Alarm patching as per Unit Price List

    Link alignment/panning

    BLVD by pass activity

    Cables Routing/lay with plan outages

    Activities that shall be carried out upon the occurrence of an event implying a set of interventions which have to be planned out of a recovery process without SLA assessment:

    Inspection the following items semiyearly:

    TRX/RRU/BBU replacement such that if site is in Damcon scope and TRX/RRU/BBU is faulty and not available in warehouse, Damcon team shall collect functional TRX/RRU/BBU from one site and replace the faulty.

    TRX/RRU/BBU at the other site with the functional TRX/RRU/BBU. However, Damcon will limit such additional visits to a maximum of 90 visits per month.

    Up to 10 visits of sites for Radio modules addition per month would be carried out by DAMCON. This activity excludes antenna and feeder cables extension. In case more such activity is required, Client shall prior intimate Damcon for such activity.

    Up to 15 E1 patching per month required by Client.

    Asset tag verification once per year per site, such that the activity is performed during Preventive Maintenance activity, and no separate 
visit is made to site for asset tag verification.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.