Damcon Engineering provides turnkey services for the provisioning of Aerial and Underground fiber optic network construction projects. The scope of work in Optical Fiber deployment and maintenance projects is given below.

Deployment of Arial and Buried Optical Fiber Cables

Civil works including excavation of trench.

Manual Bore for road crossing.

HDD Bore (Machine Bore) for road crossing.

Supply and deployment of UPVC pipe, PVC Flexible pipe, channel duct pipe or GI pipe as per design.

OFC Pulling in GI/HDPE/UPVC Pipes Open/Closed Cable Trays or Runways (Internal/External Routes).

Supply and deployment of cable runway with complete accessories.

Excavation and backfilling with tiles reinstatement.

OFC duct buried complete splicing of xxx core joint enclosure including splicing material.

Concrete Filling with necessary arrangements of shattering if required.

1X xxx Core ODF complete Installation with accessories and complete tagging material including xxX SC-LC Patch Cord SM Duplex.

Provisioning and deployment of Hand Hole. Excavation and refilling work.

Supply and deployment PVC coated Iron Flexible pipe with complete accessories.

Deployment and installation of outdoor ODF cabinet.

Deployment and installation iron Stand for outdoor Cabinet.

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Site development

Site readiness check.

In-premises cable route check.

Power and Space requirement for hardware/equipment/racks.

Site Environmental conditions check.

Health & Safety conditions check.

Survey for fiber cable route between serving node & customer location. Check the availability of poles and ROW.

Line of Sight (LOS) between serving node and customer location (for wireless services only).

Pre execution planning

Coordinating to acquire Right of Way (ROW) for Aerial & Buried Fiber from concerned Utility companies if required, Government authorities.

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Wireless Point-to-MultiPoint (PMP)

Establishing the wireless PMP connectivity between CPE deployed at site and nearby PMP On-Air site.

Installation of mast/pole.

Radio and antenna installation at Customer location.

Cabling work between radios (on mast) to indoor device (POE adaptor).

Antenna alignment.

Configuration of radios as per frequency allocated.

Link optimization.

Integrating PMP link with network and testing the service.

E2E Testing (includes OTDR report).

Complete documentation

Execution of work at site

Optic Fiber (OF) Cable (Aerial & Buried) Laying from nearest Junction Box (JB) till customer end along with Splicing.

OFC cabling work in-premises.

Equipment/Hardware installation (ODF/media convertors/ router/Wi-Fi etc)

E2E Testing (includes OTDR report).

Deployment of links.

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.


Establishing 3GaaS connectivity from customer end to nearby operator 3G/4G site.

3GaaS/4GaaS device installation.

Configuration of devices.

Link optimization.

Integrating 3Gaas/4GaaS device with customer network and testing.

3G-4G Repeater

Deploying 3G-4G repeater at customer end for the enhancement of in-premises 3G-4G reception.

Link optimization.

Deploying Ethernet cable terminated at ports allocated by SD team and place router at customer premises.

At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Network Maintenance & Support (Managed Services)

Providing support of existing as well as newly installed customers links on 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Maintenance of the buried OFC network as per defined SLA.

The support cycle involves handling complaints registered by help desk through troubleshooting, on call or through field visit in order to rectify connectivity/other issues. This includes providing ETA, ETTR and troubleshooting updates on emails.

Executing third party vendors management.

Preventive routine maintenance activities on daily / monthly / quarterly / half yearly / annual basis in order to keep the complaints ratio reduced.

Troubleshooting by locating the fault using OTDR after having details collected from customer premises. ETTR is shared with help desk after identification of fault and its location.

Splicing both Aerial & Buried OFC in case of Fiber cut or Fiber pressure to restore link within the defined TAT.

In case of hardware failure replacing the hardware.

Submitting the faulty hardware to inventory with fault reports.

Generating Reason for Outage (RFO) report along with restoration of work report.

Preventive and corrective maintenances of all Air Conditioners.

Preventive & corrective maintenances of all Diesel Generators, ATS panels and Power DBs.

De-watering from handholds.

Network Expansion

Carrying network roll outs in terms of expansion, upgrade, dismantling, relocation and addition of POPs in all technologies as per the design.

Arranging pre-requisites for the assigned tasks by coordinating with relevant stakeholders of fixed operations, liaising for acquisition of Right of Way (ROW) permissions.

Conducting survey and share report along BOQ, laying necessary infrastructure related to power, media and rack installations along with structured cabling.

Performing end-to-end tasks involved in roll out.