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At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

Client Profile

    China Mobile Communications Corporation is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company that provides mobile voice and multimedia services through its nationwide mobile telecommunications network.

    The company is the largest mobile telecommunications company by market capitalization today, and it was named as such in March 2011. China Mobile Limited is listed on both the NYSE and the Hong Kong stock exchange.

    As of December 2014, China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile phone operator by subscribers with about 806 million The ARPU(Average revenue per user) for the company stays at 14 USD since 2004.

    China Mobile Pakistan or Zong is a pan Pakistani mobile network operator headquartered in Islamabad, which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services, mobile banking to fixed telephony. It is the first oversea setup of China Mobile through acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan in 2008.

    Zong is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. In addition to providing internet access solutions to facilitate data intensive live streaming applications, the company has also paved the way to be amongst the first to offer 3G and 4G LTE services to customers.

    It is Pakistan’s second largest GSM mobile service provider and third largest mobile service in terms of subscriber base of over 25.6 million. It has a market share of 19% among cellular operators in the country.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

    Project Locations

    Scope of Work

    Preventive maintenance

    Preventive maintenance is conducted after 250 hours of operation or 6 months whichever is earlier. Damcon is responsible for tracking the hours of operation.

    Preventive maintenance form is filled by the Damcon, one copy of the form is left on site, one copy is sent to client field operations department in region and one copy is kept for our own record.

    Preventive maintenance is done as specified by manufacturer of the generator. It is responsibility of the Damcon to keep the generator in optimal running condition.

    During each preventive maintenance engine oil, lubricant filter and diesel filter is changed.

    Radiator coolant is only changed if required.

    Air filter is only be changed at 500 hours of operation or 6 months whichever is earlier.

    Damcon is responsible for tracking the hours of operation of Diesel Generator.

    Every time whenever Damcon will visit site for PM/CM they shall inform at client Hotline.

    Corrective maintenance

    Corrective maintenance of all generators under this contract is done on ‘on call’ basis by Damcon.

    ‘On call team’ of skilled technicians essentially equipped, at Damcon cost, with mobile phone and necessary tools is maintained by the Damcon.

    Client representative inform the Damcon teams for fault occurrence.

    The Damcon is providing response to the call in 15 minutes (response time) & Damcon attends any local site within 2 hours from the receipt of the call & attends any remote site in 5 hours.

    In case fault involves major repair work, the Damcon installs mobile/rental generator of required rating, enough to support the power supply to complete site.

    All the cost(s) of mobile/rental generator is borne by the Damcon except where such repair is attributable to Client.

    In case of major repair, maximum time to rectify any fault is 5 working days.

    All repair work is done in a qualified manner.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.


    All parts are purchased by the Damcon on agreed price mentioned in Unit Price List.

    Client is not be responsible for any cost related to parts except the prices mentioned in Unit Price List.

    No part payment is claimed if the part is not listed in Unit Price List

    Quality of parts used is of Generator manufacturer standard.

    Dually verified from Client, Delivery Note is submitted along with Invoice for payment claims relating to parts.

    Special Services

    All special services carried out on generators under this contract require prior approval from Client before execution. Written approval document is submitted at the time of Invoice.

    Dually verified from Client, Special Service completion certificate is submitted along with Invoice for payment claims related to special services.

    All special services mentioned in UPL are under warranty period of 6 months or 2000 running hours which ever is earlier. No payment is made for rectification of the fault under warranty period.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.

    Diesel Generator Overhauling:

    It’s the responsibility of Damcon to take proper care of every Diesel Generator installed on site and if any Diesel Generator completes 10,000 Hrs of operations then overhauling of that particular Diesel Generator is responsibility of client. Damcon only informs the client that overhauling is due.

    Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Analysis

    It is the responsibility of Damcon to ensure smooth operations of all contractual Diesel Generators. If any Diesel Generator is consuming more fuel than the average that depicts the inefficiency of services provided by the Damcon. In order to verify fuel consumption Client officials conduct fuel average test in presence of Damcon & tested fuel consumption is matched with standard averages as given in specification sheet of generator.

    At Damcon Engineering, we build your dreams into realities.