Air Conditioning System Services

Inspection of the air conditioning system includes

Checking the refrigeration effect of the air conditioner, voltage, current load, water drain, fan running and grounding, and handling the problems in time if any.

Checking whether the temperature setting of the equipment room meets the procedure requirements.

Checking the function of startup performed automatically after the power supply recovers.

Testing the switchover between the active air conditioner and the standby air conditioner.

Checking and rectifying the indoor and outdoor insulation of pipes.

Checking that all outdoor units must be grounded.

Checking the sturdiness of installation of the indoor unit and outdoor unit.

Removing rust of the fastening unit.

Rinsing the indoor unit (including filter) and outdoor unit during service of the air conditioner.

Checking if there is direct connection of AC from ACDB.

Checking power cables is as per standard and no unnecessary joint is present.

Sockets to be removed with direct connections.

Checking that Fire Resistant Cable is used.

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